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Gearbox Combines Speed, Efficiency and Low Noise

With most gearbox designs, you have to pay a price for high-speed operation. And that price typically comes in the form of excess noise or heat. Our new PSBN gearboxes are different. 

PSBN gearboxes are planetary units optimized for high-speed operation without excess noise or heat generation. The PSBN 070 model, for example, can handle input speeds up to 14,000 RPM. Yet it still runs quietly at just 57 dBA. Its heat generation is also kept to a bare minimum—with efficiency ratings as high as 98% at full load.

And keep in mind that the low noise characteristics translate directly to reduced vibration. The quiet, smooth-running PSBN keeps unwanted gearbox vibration from reading through to the surface of a workpiece in high-speed manufacturing or printing processes. 

The key to the PSBN's performance is the design of its helical gear teeth, which have been fine-tuned to deliver the usually-contradictory goals of high speed, low noise and minimal heat. The gearbox also features a new low-friction bearing design that contributes to these noise and efficiency goals. 

The PSBN has a host of other design features and options that make it ideal for high-speed applications in automation, robotics, packaging, printing and medical manufacturing. These include:

  • Standard or reduced backlash (< 1 arcmin) gear teeth are available to meet a range of precision requirements.

  • A range of output shaft and flange geometries make integration with your machine a breeze.

  • Lifetime lubrication for maintenance-free operation. This feature also enables mounting in tight spaces since you won’t easy access to the gearbox for lubrication purposes.

  • Lifetime lubrication options include food grade and low-temperature greases.

  • The gearbox is 100% sealed for use in medical, food or pharmaceutical settings.

  • PSBN support all common motor types and any mounting orientation.

The PSBN gearboxes are available in three sizes—corresponding 70-, 90- and 115-mm across the output flange. You can find detailed technical specifications here.


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