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Neugart Calculation Program 4.1

The new version of the proven design tool convinces with new technical features.


News features:

  • Belt / conveyor belt: Splitting into flat belts, v-belts and toothed belts
  • Drive train editing: Addition of a new drive train using a tab button
  • Drive train editing: Copying of an existing drive train within a project
  • Comparison of the calculation results of two drive trains
  • Free window arrangement
  • Graphic representation of the standard load cases in the documentation
  • Custom load case: Use of the editor is designed to be more user friendly
  • Load case import: Provision of template files
  • Motor trace files: Direct read-in at gauge without conversion
  • Gearbox database: Gearbox tool tips in the status line
  • Gearbox database: User-friendlier display of gearbox preference
  • Gearbox database: Expansion of WPLN, WGN, WPSFN by i=7, 28, 35
  • Motor database: Saving and loading of favorites
  • Gearbox utilization: Display of possible cycles in the fatigue strength range.
  • Low-temperature lubrication: Display of possible torques in accordance with the ambient temperature
  • Linking of TDF and NCP via request file
  • Settings: Saving of window position, result display


NCP Installation Guide
NCP Release Information

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