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NDF: The planetary gearbox for Delta robots

Dynamics and precision for Delta robot drives

The NDF planetary gearbox was developed specifically for use in Delta robots and is characterized in particular by high torsional stiffness, high torque, low torsional backlash, reduced inertia and a modified sealing concept.

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PLQE040 and PLFE055: Small frame sizes for the Economy series

A lot of gearbox in a small space

The newly developed PLQE040 and PLFE055 gearboxes extend the proven PLQE and PLFE Economy series by two smaller frame sizes. These models thus fulfill the wish of many machine builders wanting gearboxes suitable for more compact, lighter servo drives.

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The PM2 pinion series

Maximum feed rate for rack-and-pinion drives

The PM2 pinion series offers even more choices and even greater flexibility when selecting gearbox/pinion combinations for rack-and-pinion drives. Thanks to their smaller diameter, depending on the combination, the pinions allow a feed rate more than three times higher than was previously possible.

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Are you interested in what we can do for you? Then visit us at a trade fair or participate in a training course! We would be pleased to show you how we can also supply you with the best technology quickly and reliably at a fair price - regardless of whether you need a planetary gearbox, right-angle gearbox, coaxial gearbox, bevel gearbox or hypoid gearbox for your machines or customers: Let's find the appropriate and reliable gearbox for your application together, quickly and easily!

Trade Fairs

August 28-29, 2024

all about automation

Zürich, Switzerland
Booth B09
Neugart GmbH

September 18-19, 2024

all about automation

Chemnitz, Germany
Booth 1-412
Neugart GmbH

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Entry-level training products and NCP

Entry-level training products and NCP

Seminar start 10.00 am
Duration: 50 min. with following Q&A session

NCP: Application training

NCP: Application training

Seminar start 10.00 am
Duration: 50 min. with following Q&A session

Tec Data Finder

Tec Data Finder

Seminar start 02.00 pm
Duration: 50 min. with following Q&A session

NCP: Optimizing the application

NCP: Optimizing the application

Seminar start 10.00 am
Duration: 50 min. with following Q&A session

Additional training courses

Collaboration: Understanding is not a coincidence

Why do we, as a gearbox manufacturer, not only supply so many customers, but also help them get ahead? It's simple: Because we always listen to them very carefully - and use our software, brainware and hardware on the way to the best solution.


Neugart Software

We have the right software for every need. See for yourself: Finding, configuring and designing a drive is all possible - with just a few clicks.

The digital way to the perfect gearbox. Make a selection:

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Neugart Brainware

We are at your disposal as a personal task force to assist from your first idea to the perfect gearbox.

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Neugart Hardware

What it all comes down to in the end: Your gearbox. And we claim that this is the best gearbox you can get.

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