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Planetary Gearboxes with Mounted Pinion

The integrated gearbox/pinion combination provides the best technical coordination for rack and pinion drives. Numerous solution options provide high dynamics and high load-bearing capacities at the same time because of the precision gearing.

Three examples of custom made gearboxes
Custom Gearboxes

Our experienced engineers always find the optimal solution for your application. No matter what the special requirements of your application, we can develop a custom made gearbox to match your needs.


Unparalleled: This planetary gearbox maintains its maximum efficiency even at the highest speeds.

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The easy to install planetary gearbox absorbs high forces with low heat generation.

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The cost effective planetary gearbox with the best torque-low heat performance.

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This is progress: In this planetary gearbox, precision and cost effectiveness meet.

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The high-performance precision planetary gearbox with helical teeth for a particularly quiet drive.

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The helical-toothed precision planetary gearbox for low-noise operation and high bearing loads.

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The perfectly sealed straight-toothed planetary gearbox delivers the maximum performance without ever losing the required stiffness.

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The shortest planetary gearbox with the highest torsional stiffness and flange output shaft.

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The precision planetary gearbox for maximum loads with particularly quiet drive and flange output shaft.

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The precision planetary gearbox for maximum loads and the highest performance – fast and easy to install.

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The planetary gearbox with flange output shaft for high-load applications

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The versatile right angle planetary gearbox with lower weight and appealing cost effectiveness.

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The right angle planetary gearbox with universal output flange – flexible installation options and for high forces.

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The economical right angle planetary gearbox for particularly high forces – flexible installation options and lifetime lubrication.

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The versatile right angle gearbox with spiral teeth for a quiet drive.

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The shortest right angle planetary gearbox with flange output shaft and maximum torsional stiffness.

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The shortest spiral-toothed right angle gearbox with flange output shaft and hollow shaft.

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The spiral-toothed right angle gearbox with hollow shaft – low noise levels and force-fit installation.

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The unique planetary gearbox with certified hygienic design – ideal for reliable cleaning processes.

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The planetary gearbox for AGVs. Compact and highliy resilient.

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For high radial loads

New NGV planetary gearbox for use in AGVs and other high-load applications

AGVs transport heavy loads 24/7 on a continuous basis – and therefore make uniquely high demands of the design and the mechanical system. Particularly with regard to the gearbox, this means that because the gearbox of AGVs is usually located directly in the wheel, depending on the running gear principle the entire weight consisting of the vehicle and the payload acts directly upon the gearbox output bearing. This results in high radial loads. Furthermore, the naturally confined space situation inside the vehicle means that the gearbox must have an extremely compact, space-saving design.

The new NGV planetary gearbox fulfils these special requirements using pre-stressed inclined roller bearings. These can absorb a considerable amount of force due to their design. The wheel does not have to be supported separately, since the load is supported by the bearings at the output.

The interface between the gearbox and the chassis has also undergone consistent optimization in the NGV: the mounting flange of the gearbox is positioned so close to the chassis that it can be mounted there directly. Another advantage in addition to the ease of installation: the motor and the gearbox can be pre-assembled as a unit and installed together. It is possible to attach almost any motor because of the use of a wide range of motor adapters. The wheel itself is fitted directly to the flanged output shaft from the outside and can therefore be exchanged quickly and easily if required.


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