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Neugart wins over industry professionals and competitors

The necessity of hygienic design in mechanical engineering for industrial and food processing trades was extensively examined at the Hygienic Design Day in Bad Wimpfen, Germany on March 3, 2016, a conference at which Neugart GmbH was a primary presenter and the main sponsor. The conference focused on hygiene and cleanliness issues and presented practical examples and applications of the hygienic advantages and disadvantages.  


High profile audience 

Organizer AGT Verlag (me-Magazin) included a broad audience consisting of food producers, machine engineers, component manufacturers and trade associations.  

Neugart GmbH was the main sponsor on site of the conference. Neugart provided the perspective of component manufacturers, not to proselytize, but to educate. Due to increasingly strict legislation on food hygiene, food producers and machine manufacturers are forced to invest or construct the optimal designed hygienic machines. The machine manufacturers’ biggest hurdle is the lack of component suppliers on the market incorporating these considerations in their products.  

For this reason, Dipl.-Ing. Swen Herrmann, Head of Product Management and Marketing at Neugart GmbH, presented his analysis of the small but distinct differences of hygienic design in machine components based on the HLAE planetary gearbox.  

“The term ‘Hygienic Design’ is not a registered trademark and therefore can be used to deceive the market. Always consider the details when using a Hygienic Design component,” said Herrmann.  

There are many stainless steel components on the market that do not conform to the hygienic design thinking thus far. The most common errors are caused by the use of incorrect geometry, materials, sealing concepts and lubricants. Even if these critical points are sufficiently addressed, the mounting to a machine is often forgotten and must also comply with the hygiene principles.


Worldwide leading hygienic concept of a planetary gearbox 

In the field of planetary gearboxes, the HLAE is the only gearbox on the market which meets all necessary requirements. The HLAE was the world’s first and only planetary gearbox to be certified by 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc., more specifically according to the 3A RPSCQC certification. Even the market competitors present at the conference from the planetary gearbox field observed the unique advantages of the HLAE gearbox and had to admit that there is no comparable conceptualized product on the market today.  

Aside from Neugart, representatives from Fraunhofer IPA and the Secretary of the EHEDG German chapter also spoke. Other companies including Schneider Electric GmbH, Freudenberg SE, U.I. Lapp GmbH, igus GmbH and Krones AG also had representatives. 

The conference concluded with a panel discussion in which all speakers took questions from the audience.

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