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We simply don't leave anything to chance.

Because we build reliable and precise planetary gearboxes to the highest standards, we cannot afford any mistakes. That is why we rely on comprehensive quality management.

Neugart stands for first-class quality in planetary gearboxes and everything that goes with them.

And when we say we lead, we are referring to the durability, reliability, uptime and performance of our gearboxes. The fact that all these factors work together perfectly at our company is a result of particularly efficient structures and our comprehensive quality management.


We live the zero-defect philosophy

Maximum precision and durability simply demand that one does everything right. This is exactly what we give our all for, right from the planning stage with you as the customer. We want to understand your challenges - and meet them 100%. However, our zero-defect tolerance is naturally also reflected in our production, service, spare parts supply and all other areas.

We like to be tested

Trust is good, control is better. We also take this seriously in quality management. That is why we use a sophisticated quality management system. It ensures the long-term fulfillment of all requirements for our products and services. Our QM/UM/EM system corresponds in structure and also in its effect to the recognized standard for QM systems: DIN EN ISO 9001. It also complies with the environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001 and the requirements for energy audits to DIN EN 16247-1.

Making perfect even better - is that possible?

Yes and no. Because where everything is right, we naturally don't have to turn any more adjusting screws. Nevertheless, new ideas are always emerging during the development and manufacture of our products, as well as in discussions. We pursue these consistently. Because innovation and optimization are part of our DNA. Moreover, we want our customers to appreciate us for our perfect work not only today, but also tomorrow.

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