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Who we are and what is our origin

Our success story began with gear parts in 1928. Read here how this has resulted in our exceptional expertise for custom made planetary gearboxes.

Neugart – why our most ingenious technology is listening

Anyone who has been successful in the planetary gearbox market for as long as we have knows one thing for sure: there are countless requirements from customers. We want to meet these requirements with our modular system in such a way that, in the end, economy, efficiency, durability and quality together make an unbeatable combination. However, we do not succeed in this with our modular system and Neugart gearboxes alone. We also succeed because we listen to you carefully. Because we quickly understand what you need and can quickly satisfy your requirements.

Our thinking, the way we work

Let's achieve more together!

Knowledge grows when it is shared. Nowhere is this more true than in the manufacture of planetary gearboxes.
So we don't keep our knowledge to ourselves. However, to make your gearbox solution truly perfect, we always
want to get to know your experience and requirements in detail. Because only then can we find exactly the right
one for you from among thousands of variants through use of our modular system.

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Facts & Figures

850 employees in the Neugart Group

Of these, 730 at our headquarters in Kippenheim, Germany.

125 million € in sales of the Neugart Group

In 2022, the Neugart Group generated total sales of over 120 million euros for the first time.

14 million possible standard product configurations

For customized, individual gearboxes, the possible configurations are unlimited.

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Karl Neugart founds his company in the Black Forest (Furtwangen, Germany). Start production of gear components for mechanical equipment and office machines.


Neugart relocates from Furtwangen to Kippenheim, Germany.


Neugart starts producing mantel clocks.


Neugart produces its first spring mechanisms for mechanical razors.



Neugart further expands its product range by producing mechanical oil level indicators. The first sales companies are established in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the Benelux countries. Karl Neugart divides the business equally between his son Georg Neugart and his daughter Erika Herr (born Neugart).
Company founder, Karl Neugart


Annual sales surpass 1 million Deutschmarks.



Annual sales surpass 2 million Deutschmarks.


Neugart develops and produces the first planetary gearboxes for stepper motors.


Foundation laid for Plant I in Kippenheim.



Plant I is enlarged by 1,400 m² of production space.


Thomas Herr, son of Erika Herr, joins the company as a director. Market launch of the first catalog-based planetary gearbox series PL.



Market launch of the planetary gearbox series PLE.


First DIN EN ISO 9001 certification. Bernd Neugart, son of Georg Neugart, joins the company as Managing Partner.


Founding of the subsidiary Neugart USA Corp. (North America).



Georg Neugart retires as Managing Partner.


Neugart celebrates its 75th anniversary. Establishment of the subsidiaries Neugart Italia S.R.L. and Atlanta Neugart France S.A.R.L.


Establishment of the subsidiary Neugart Planetary Gearboxes (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (China).


Neugart receives its first DIN EN ISO 14001 certification. Foundation laid for Plant II in Kippenheim.



Establishment of the subsidiaries Neugart Redüktör San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. (Turkey) and Neugart do Brasil Equipamentos Industriais Ltda (Brazil). Founding of Neugart Holding GmbH.


Matthias Herr, son of Thomas Herr, joins the company.


Expansion of Plant II in Kippenheim by 6,000 m².


Neugart USA Corp. relocates from Pittsburgh to Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.


Opening of the new building for subsidiary Neugart Planetary Gearboxes (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (China).



Founding of the subsidiary Neugart France S.A.S. (France).


Founding of the subsidiary Neugart Schweiz AG (Switzerland).


Thomas Herr retires as Managing Partner.

And the story continues

The world never stands still - and neither do we. That's why we rely on innovative technologies and all our knowledge to further develop our hardware and software. At the same time, we also value an open exchange of ideas with our customers. Because we are convinced that this is a sustainable recipe for success. Because in the end it's quite simple: If we throw our knowledge into the ring and you as a customer do the same, together we can configure the best gearbox in the world for your requirements.

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Do you have any questions about our company? Or would you like to know how we can help you with the perfect planetary gearbox for your application? If so, just contact us! We will be happy to listen to you and will certainly find the right solution for you!

Establishing contact

Sales and locations

From Kippenheim (located between Freiburg and Strasbourg) we are there for you and your concerns worldwide. This is because we operate a worldwide network of our own sales engineers and sales partners, whose knowledge and commitment you can count on locally - no matter where your Neugart gearbox is in use.

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We live by the zero-defect philosophy. For you, this means: You can rely 100% on our planetary and custom gearboxes. To achieve this, we rely on a comprehensive quality management system that helps us to improve continuously.

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For us, sustainability and quality go hand in hand. Because our reliable, durable and virtually maintenance-free planetary gearboxes are in themselves sustainable solutions to your drive issues. Furthermore, we are certified to the environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001. Likewise to DIN EN 16247-1 for energy audits.

Neugart & sustainability

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We would be happy to help you!
Neugart USA Corp.

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