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We conserve resources and protect the environment

Dealing responsibly with people, energy and the environment has always been part of our business.

Sustainability has been on many people's agendas lately - and that's a good thing.

However, it was on ours much earlier. Because we understand sustainability not only as a factor for mitigating climate change,  but also as the basis for our long-standing and good business relationships with our customers. Likewise, sustainable cooperation is the basis for us to work together as equals in our teams and grow together.

Water is valuable to us

We also work with filtered rainwater in the production of our planetary gearboxes, which we collect directly on our premises. That's an average of 150,000 liters per year. Another essential aspect is the safe storage of oil-contaminated water. We guarantee this in specially designed system containers, approved for liquids of all three hazard classes.

Disposal must be safe and professional

For production of gearboxes we need grease and oil. Special grease separators separate such substances from wastewater in production. This allows us to dispose of them properly. We also rely on special emulsions that reduce our overall oil and grease consumption. We work with an electronic waste verification process; this saves paper and also makes sure that our suppliers act sustainably. 

We also rely on green electricity

The best energy is the energy you don't need in the first place. We therefore make sure that we save energy and greenhouse gases in the production of our gearboxes, as well as in sales and all other areas. For this purpose, we use electricity entirely from renewable sources. Last but not least, our energy audit DIN EN 16247-1 certification proves that we act sustainably and are constantly improving.

Gas consumption - we reduce it

We heat with gas as an energy source. Here, too, we are focusing on reducing our consumption step by step. One means we already use here: the waste heat from machines. We use it for temperature control of relevant rooms.

Optimizing processes is part of what we do

The most efficient machines in planetary gearbox production are of little use if the processes are too complex. However, if you optimize the processes in production, warehousing, distribution, etc., you can save a lot of energy. Here we avoid waste and transport distances. We use space efficiently and operate an intelligent raw material and materials management system. We are also getting better at this every day.

We pay attention to our suppliers

When we seek suppliers, we insist on compliance with an environmental management system. In particular, we scrutinize the energy management of our suppliers. In general, only companies that reliably meet all our high sustainability criteria become our partners.

Our raw materials and our products

Our planetary gearboxes are made primarily of steel and aluminum. These materials can be recycled almost completely. In terms of energy consumption, our products are convincing in everyday use. We already build planetary gearboxes with up to 98 percent efficiency today. This saves even more energy at the customer.

We focus on social engagement

We are at home in Baden-Württemberg - and committed to our region. Many of us - including our managing partners - are very active on a voluntary and social basis. Because volunteering creates quality of life. We are also involved as a sponsor in the socio-cultural and sports sectors.

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