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Drive design made simple

The NCP Neugart Calculation Program makes it easy to find the perfect gearbox-motor combination.


We love to make the cooperation between us and our customers as efficient and easy as possible.

The Neugart Calculation Program is one of our most important tools in this regard. Because it works intuitively, it makes drive design easy, and it's free for our customers.

NCP – The Neugart Calculation Program for drive design

We always have an ear for the needs of our customers. That's why we developed NCP – the Neugart Calculation Program. This calculation software provides you with the perfect basis for designing the complete drive train. In concrete terms, you can use the NCP to configure the right gearbox-motor combination in just a few minutes. Simply by entering your application data. The result: You get exactly the gearbox that suits you and your drive concept. This makes your application cost- and energy-efficient.

This is what our software for drive design can do

NCP works in the background with complex functions. In doing so, it calculates all parameters needed for the design of your drive train. And best of all, NCP is easy to use: Because its user interface is laid out clearly, cleanly structured and intuitively understandable.

Compare and simply make better decisions

We like to make things easy for our customers. NCP can present all parameters in real time. This allows you to compare similar drive components instantly and quickly optimize designs.

Full flexibility for planetary gearbox design

In NCP you can choose from many applications and drive options. For example, rack and pinion as well as traction drive, spindle, belt, conveyor belt, rotary table, thrust crank or various winders. Everything you need to do in the NCP program for your gearbox design: Transfer the relevant application parameters to the practical screens. The extensive, integrated database is also quite impressive. It includes over 21,000 motors from all major manufacturers. This further facilitates gearbox design with NCP.

Free of charge and with training

A lot of work and love has gone into our program for gearbox design and drive design. Nevertheless, we provide you with NCP free of charge. In addition, we offer courses and training for drive design using NCP. To the training course dates

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Full overview when sizing
  • Input & output values at a glance
  • Free of charge for Neugart customers or interested parties
  • Can be used offline – Drive design without Internet access
  • No administrator rights required for installation
  • Simple and intuitive to use - despite the complex possibilities
  • Motor database with over 21,000 commonly used motors
  • Extensive technical documentation of all calculation steps
  • Confidence through plausibility check of all entered values
  • Available in seven languages
  • Plus: direct online access to dimension sheets and CAD files of the products


Neugart Calculation Program 4.3
NCP Installation Guide
NCP Release Information

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