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Because our quality has no limits.

We can meet most customer requirements directly using our modular system. Nevertheless, custom gearboxes are sometimes necessary. Here we are glad to be your experienced partner.

In the gearbox market for machinery, we have established ourselves as a competent, fast and reliable partner for custom gearboxes.

As in all other areas, you will benefit from our broad experience in this regard. Just as you will from our listening qualities. Because our design engineers and sales specialists understand what you need quickly and completely. Plus, we can also satisfy special requests in a time-saving and cost-effective manner. What's more, at a level of quality and reliability that is unrivaled anywhere in the world.

We always want to provide you with maximum customizability and ideal performance.

To ensure that we succeed in doing so, we offer a wide range of different types of gearboxes. After all, planetary, spur or bevel gearboxes have different strengths, which should also be considered. Likewise, we can, of course, combine different types of gearboxes and gearing so that you end up with exactly the right product in your hands.

Custom Gearbox – made by Neugart

Neugart is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of standard planetary gearboxes. We have also made a name for ourselves on the market as an expert manufacturer of custom gearboxes. Together with our customers, we develop their custom gearbox in the form of planetary, spur, and bevel gearboxes. Focusing on the specifications of your application, we combine different types of gearboxes and gearing to provide you with exactly the product you need.

Close collaboration with our customers is important to us even in the earliest development phases of individual drive solutions. We believe in providing on-site advice and optimal service in relation to every aspect of your custom-made gearbox. Knowledge grows when you share it.

Our highly trained, specialized and experienced engineers have years of knowledge in gearbox technology. Because we understand the specific requirements of different applications, we can work with you to develop your individual drive solution.

At Neugart we also use state-of-the-art engineering tools to design and configure custom gearboxes for your application within a very short timeframe. For validation purposes we rely not only on our own expertise but also on professional test equipment and measuring systems. If needed, we can also design special test systems for your custom-made gearbox.

In this way we develop and qualify durable custom-made gearboxes to the latest technology standards and based on high-quality product data, which deliver consistent performance throughout the entire life cycle. For us, this is the natural way to ensure product quality and for you it’s a guarantee of productivity and peace of mind that your machine will continue to operate reliably for years to come.

To ensure that Neugart always has the latest knowledge and innovation, we collaborate with universities as training and research partners. These partnerships present opportunities to recruit qualified new employees, as well as allow our engineers to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific knowledge and research findings. The universities themselves are also a driving force when it comes to developing new technologies for custom-made drive solutions.

Whether your application requires a special power density, design or ratio or presents other special requirements in terms of surfaces, materials or certifications, we can develop a gearbox to your exact specifications. We guarantee your gearbox will meet the performance, cost, and quality criteria you expect.


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