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Precisely the right angle: WPSFN

Powerful and compact with minimal vibrations

Our WPSFN is the shortest spiral-toothed right angle gearbox with flange output shaft and hollow shaft. It has been designed for the highest precision and synchronization requirements.

With the addition of the WPSFN, we continue to expand our right angle gearbox series. The WPSFN is extremely light and easy to integrate thanks to its standardized flange interface. Its spiral gearing and the helical toothed planetary stage achieve the optimal synchronization for the best surface qualities.

As the shortest spiral-toothed right angle gearbox with flange output shaft and hollow shaft, the WPSFN combines high torque with maximized smooth running. The result is an extremely quiet drive that still operates with optimal power and precision. Thanks to its small installation height, the WPSFN is ideal for applications with tight space requirements. Depending on the frame size, it requires up to 25 percent less installation space than comparable right angle gearboxes with spiral gearing. Our customers can then benefit from a precision drive even in restricted spaces inside their machines. Potential applications include drives for machine tools and packaging machines.

The WPSFN is available as both a one-stage and two-stage gearbox. The ratio is present at the hypoid gearing in the single stage WPSFN. A hollow shaft is fitted at the center of the flange output shaft. The two-stage version features an additional PSFN-based planetary stage on the output side. The two-stage WPSFN provides the option to achieve a reduced backlash of less than 3 arcmin.

The high quality hypoid gearing safeguards the optimal homogeneous synchronization. The two-stage bevel precision gearbox operates with extremely low vibration with the helical-toothed planetary stage. The application can then produce the best printed images and the highest surface quality.

Thanks to its EN ISO 9409-1 flange interface, our right angle precision gearbox is ideal for the simple and fast integration of drive components such as flanged pinions or turntables. The hollow shaft integrated in the single-stage WPSFN offers new and flexible potential solutions for machine builders. It can, for instance, be used to route supply tubing, cabling, and shafts.

And of course, our WPSFN is perfectly sealed. It is resistant to both water and dust. Thanks to its radial shaft seal, the WPSFN is also ideal in the most grueling conditions. Its smart design gives it the perfect protection complying with IP 65.

More details on the WPSFN can be found here:


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