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New high-load planetary gearbox PFHE

Attractive alternative for high radial loads

The PFHE planetary gear has two special pre-stressed inclined roller bearings. These can absorb a considerable amount of force in spite of their compact design. Because of this, the new development at the output can tolerate radial force of up to 5100 N, like the force which typically occurs in drives or applications with a pinion or a belt pulley.

The problem-free connection with the drive flange makes it possible to have a mechanical interface (without a dowel pin drill hole) that is standardized in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1 via which the gearbox can be integrated in an extremely quick and easy manner. The drive flange can be individually adapted to the respective motor.

A radial shaft seal fulfils the requirements of protection class IP65 at the output side. Dust and water spray do not affect the functionality thereof, meaning that the gearbox is also suitable for use in adverse ambient conditions. The PFHE operates maintenance free due to having lifetime lubrication. As a straight-toothed gearbox it provides a high performance density.

The wide range of planetary gearboxes is being extended further with the PFHE: as an additional constituent of the Economy Line, providing all of the advantages of the known and well-tried product line, which represents long-lasting and powerful standard gearboxes with an outstanding price/performance ratio. The model is available in three sizes with an optional centering collar diameter 64, 90 or 110 mm at the output flange and for 1- or 2-stage ratios of i=3 to=100. The PFHE combines the extremely compact design of the existing PLFE gearbox and a more powerful output.

The new PFHE planetary gearbox for high-load applications with high radial loads is going to be introduced for the first time at the Motek, and will also be available from October 2019 at short notice and from a batch size of 1.


More details on the PFHE can be found here:


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