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Dynamic, fast, precise and durable: our new gearboxes for Delta robots inspire our customers.

We listened - and Delta robots love the result!

Neugart now also makes gearboxes for Delta robots? Yes! After all, that's what many customers have requested. Moreover, if you take a close look at our newly developed NDF gearboxes, you'll understand why Delta robots love the NDF so much. It is lightning fast, super-precise, highly dynamic, durable and tough. Genuine Neugart quality and therefore a "must have" for Delta robots. The best thing, however, is: there is enough for everyone. 


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  • Application-specific gearbox
  • Coaxial gearbox
  • Helical gear
  • Preloaded angular contact roller bearings
  • Radial shaft seal
  • Torque interface
  • Equidirectional rotation
  • Planet carrier in cage design
  • Four planet gears at the output

Even more possibilities: With these options

Nickel plating and stainless steel to protect against corrosion

Upon request, we can nickel-plate the output flange. In conjunction with the stainless steel output shaft, the gearbox is then fully protected against corrosion on the output side.

Food grade lubrication

If needed, we can also provide your NDF with food grade oil lubrication. The lubricant used is certified to NSF H1 and ISO 21469.

Wide range of output shaft options

The output shaft can, on request, also be equipped with an interface to ISO 9409-1. In addition, it can be made of steel or stainless steel and with or without a dowel hole. It's your choice.

Special gearboxes for the rotary axis

For the rotary axis, you can fall back on the large modular system of Neugart gearboxes. This gives you all the freedom you need - and you can use gearboxes in coaxial or angular versions, for example, or mount them on the top of the frame or on the bottom of the tool holder.


"The reliability of the gearboxes is an absolute must for us in order to meet our customers' expectations to their complete satisfaction. In our view, the NDF gearbox from Neugart offers the best overall package of performance, quality and cost efficiency. During the development of our new RPP machine platform, we worked very closely and intensely with the Neugart company and thus found the ideal gearbox solution for us."

Andreas Schildknecht and Marco Ebner | Syntegon Packaging Systems AG


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