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Premium Pre-Sales Consulting

Precisely because our gearboxes deliver full performance in such a wide range of applications, we support you with Premium Pre-Sales Consulting on the way to your perfect gearbox.

We understand gearboxes - but we always want to understand you as our customer.

Because that's the only way we can know what you really need. And what special concerns you have for our gearboxes in terms of availability and quality, robustness, hygiene, price, quantities, efficiency, durability, size, etc. Once we figure that out, we can deliver exactly what you want with our modular system or custom gearboxes. Incidentally, our product range includes a total of more than 80,000 gearbox versions, which we can combine "out of the box" with over 20,000 motors.
The end result is always the perfect gearbox: one that will satisfy not only you, but your customers as well. Because in every Neugart gearbox, top performance, durability and quality meet reliability, efficiency and variability.

Premium Pre-Sales

One-Stop Shop - and one contact for everything

The listening skills of our engineers, technicians and sales staff are critical to ensuring that you get the best products from us. You can find out more here. From our point of view, it is almost as essential that you always have a contact at our end who knows you and your needs exactly. Because that shortens distances and makes processes efficient. Not to mention the reliability that this personal type of contact partnership has with us.

By the way, your contact at Neugart will also be happy to familiarize you with our software - and show you how intuitively and easily you can use our TDF (Tec Data Finder) or the NCP (Neugart Calculation Program) for designers.

Best availability - speed is our daily business

Reliability of machines and parts is a highly valuable asset in the machinery business. We know that. We prevent crashes from the outset with our top Neugart quality and thorough testing of our gearboxes. But if something does happen, every minute counts. We know that for sure.
Therefore, we offer you our 24/48-hour spare parts service. We do not promise anything unbelievable, but check the availability of all necessary parts in order to promise you the most realistic delivery time - and that at fair conditions.

  • Our 24-hour service: If the order is received by 12 noon, we reliably provide assembly and readiness for shipment by the next working day.
  • 48-hour service: If the order is received by 12 noon, we can guarantee assembly and shipment by the day after the next business day.

Perfect logistics - around the world

We are where our customers are - and there is probably no country on this planet where a gearbox from Neugart is not in use. So it is clear that we have also built up a worldwide and close-knit distribution network to give our customers the necessary security. We respond quickly around the globe when you need something - and we deliver parts and components to where they are needed in no time at all with our logistics partners.

Collaboration: Understanding is not a coincidence

Why do we, as a gearbox manufacturer, not only supply so many customers, but also help them get ahead? It's simple: Because we always listen to them very carefully - and use our software, brainware and hardware on the way to the best solution.


Neugart Software

We have the right software for every need. See for yourself: Finding, configuring and designing a drive is all possible - with just a few clicks.

The digital way to the perfect gearbox. Make a selection:

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Tec Data Finder
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Neugart Brainware

We are at your disposal as a personal task force to assist from your first idea to the perfect gearbox.

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Neugart Hardware

What it all comes down to in the end: Your gearbox. And we claim that this is the best gearbox you can get.

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