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Neugart Express Delivery

There is nothing worse than a machine down. Therefore, we are happy to provide our customers with our 24/48 hours express delivery services.

When things have to move fast, we shorten the distances.

Depending on the availability of our parts, we can produce standard Neugart gearboxes within one or two working days and make them ready for shipment. We gladly check the feasibility of this on a case-by-case basis. Once the gearboxes are packed, our logistics partners take over. This enables us to deliver replacement gearboxes and components extremely quickly worldwide. So fast, in fact, that we amaze our customers as well.

How can I use Neugart Express services?

1. Get in touch with your technical contact person. The fastest way is by phone! Don't know who your current contact person is? Please call our central Neugart hotline +49 7825 847-0.
There we will help you quickly and effectively. Important: Please have the information on the gearbox identification plate ready.

2. Your personal contact will walk you through the following steps.

3. We will check availability and tell you when you can expect your replacement gearbox.

4. You will receive a quote for the fastest possible readiness for shipment.

  • Our 24-hour service: If the order is received by noon, we reliably provide assembly and readiness for shipment by the next working day.
  • 48-hour service: If the order is received by noon, we can guarantee assembly and shipment by the day following the next business day.

5. In case of express assembly (24/48 hour service), shipping within Germany should be delivered the following day. We will take care of the "next day" surcharge for you. For customers outside of Germany, goods will be shipped with the fastest delievery option available.


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You may contact us at any time:
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