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Flange gearboxes – compact, torsionally stiff and for high torques

In principle, flange gearboxes and planetary gearboxes with an output shaft are similar. There is, however, one very important difference: the short flange shaft geometry. Accordingly, gearboxes with a flange output are characterized by their axially compact design.


Flange gearboxes save space and can be combined easily

Flange gearboxes are frequently used on robots and machine tools. This is because they save installation space and can accommodate very high loads. Ideally, the output shaft geometry of the gearboxes should comply with the ISO 9409-1 standard widely used in robotics. Then, design coordination processes can be completed quickly and drive components connected quickly and easily. For example, this is possible with pulleys, flange pinions or couplings. The prerequisite is that the components also comply with the said standard.

Higher torsional stiffness

A practical benefit of flange gearboxes with their flange output shaft is their large diameter. As a result, these gearboxes exhibit high torsional stiffness. This is required particularly in applications with dynamically changing motion control directions.

Group of three flange gearbox examples

What advantages do flange gearboxes have?

  • They are very torsionally stiff - due to the large diameter of the output shaft.
  • They allow high breakdown torques - due to the large size of the output bearings.
  • They accommodate high torques - due to the large number of bolt connection points.
  • The output shaft standardized to ISO 9409-1 facilitates the selection of suitable attachments.
  • They need only a short installation length - but require a little more space radially.

Where are flange gearboxes used?

Flange gearboxes are usually used where high torsional stiffness is needed. For example, in rack-and-pinion drives in machine tools or in portal handling systems. Here, large loads must be accelerated quickly and positioned precisely at the same time. Flange gearboxes are also commonly used for rotary tables or wheel drives.

What other special features do flange gearboxes have?

Flange gearboxes are available both as coaxial gearboxes and as right-angle gearboxes. Special right-angle gearboxes also have an integrated hollow shaft. In this case, supply lines can be routed through the shaft.

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