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Economical and with a heavy-duty output bearing: The new WPLHE right-angle gearbox

Axially space-saving, economical, IP65-compliant and designed for high radial and axial forces at the output: The new WPLHE combines all the advantages of the successful PLHE, the world's first combination of the Economy and Precision gearboxes, as a right-angle variant.

The WPLHE features both the gearing of a proven Economy gearbox and a high-performance output bearing with preloaded tapered roller bearings, which are otherwise commonly used in Precision gearboxes (such as the PLN and the PSN). This means that the new right-angle gearbox tolerates high radial and axial forces of up to 8,000 N at the output. For example, pulley drives with high radial loads can also be implemented in right-angle designs.

Compared to the coaxial PLHE the motor is rotated by 90° in this case, the WPLHE offers the ideal solution in confined spaces, for example in packaging and other special machines. It is the only Economy right-angle gearbox to be offered with a premounted pinion as an option. This makes it particularly suitable for space- and cost-sensitive rack-and-pinion drives. There are 13 different pinions from which to choose: with choice of straight-cut or helical-cut teeth, from module 2 to 3, with numbers of teeth from 15 to 27.

Thanks to the output geometry with square output flange and long centering flange that has become established on the market, the WPLHE is easy to implement. Several different output shaft variants - smooth, keyed, splined or with premounted pinion - mean that the right-angle gearbox can be used in a wide range of applications. It is also the only Economy right-angle gearbox with IP65 protection class, making it suitable for harsh, dusty and dirty environments. Food-grade and low-temperature lubricants are also available for the lifetime lubrication commonly provided by Neugart.

The new WPLHE is now available in the three sizes 060 / 080 / 120, either as a single-stage version (in the ratio range 3 to 10) or as a two-stage version (ratios 9 to 100). Thanks to an efficient supply chain, Neugart can continue to guarantee attractive delivery times for quantities starting at 1.


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