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Small frame sizes for the Economy series PLQE and PLFE

A lot of gearbox in a small space

The newly developed PLQE040 and PLFE055 gearboxes extend the proven Economy series PLQE and PLFE by two smaller frame sizes and round out the corresponding portfolio downwards. This is Neugart's response to the desire of many machine manufacturers for more compact, lightweight servo drives.

The PLQE040 with frame size 040 complements the successful Economy planetary gearbox series PLQE, for which a total of four frame sizes between 040 and 120 are now available. With an overall length of just over 90 mm (incl. adapter) and a centering collar diameter on the output side of just 35 mm, the newcomer presents itself as a true "mini powerhouse" in the Economy family. Depending on the gear ratio, it can transmit nominal torques of up to 20 Nm.

With the new PLFE055, the PLFE Economy gearbox series with a flanged output now also offers four frame sizes, starting at 055. This newcomer is available in 1- and 2- stage versions and with gear ratios from i=3 to i=100. The centering collar diameter here is 55 mm and, depending on the gear ratio, can achieve nominal torques of up to 20 Nm.

The two new gearboxes are based on the millions of Economy series units utilizing spur gearing technology and are already integrated into the Neugart software tools Neugart Calculation Program (NCP) and Tec Data Finder (TDF).

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